Exploring the New Frame Detail Page

So you have some things to frame and you’ve come to our site to browse. After a little searching, you’ve found the perfect frame, so you think. How can you make sure? Consult the Frame Detail page.

How do you find this page? It’s simple. Let’s go through the process from the beginning.

STEP 1: At the home page, hover over the “Picture Frames” menu. This reveals a detailed drop down menu that allows you to shop by collection, style, color and depth. For this example, we used “Collections” under the “Metal Picture Frames” heading.


home page with drop down menu

STEP 2: Once you choose a collection you’d like to shop, decide on a frame. We chose Standard Plus III, a versatile profile for both paintings and photography, Nielsen #117. Since gold is coming back this year, we used the SP304 Frosted Gold in this example. To the left of each image, you will find a magnifying glass icon. Click there to find the Frame Details.


click on magnifying glass for frame details

STEP 3: Now take a moment to view all the options at your fingertips.  We’ve anticipated everything you might need to know about the profile before purchasing and put it in one spot for easy reference.  This page offers a large beauty shot of the selected profile, the option to order samples, price charts, additional views including a zoom and 360 degree animation (to examine your choice from all angles), different colors, complete measurements, and of course,  the ability to go straight to purchase. Let us dig in a bit further and specifically show you where you can find all these new features.


detail of frosted gold metal frame

At the top of the page, you will find four blue buttons. The top button will take you back to the collection page. Below that, you can choose to go straight to purchase or order samples. To the left, you will find complete frame measurements. Be sure to scroll down for even more details.


how to order samples from detail page

Just below the enlarged image of the frame, we offer additional views. See the frame next to a quarter to determine size and proportion, see an illustrated side profile, or click “360” to see a 360 degree animated view of the frame from 18 different angles. To the left, put in your measurements to get an updated price or look just below that to see the entire price sheet.


additional frame views and pricing


Toward the bottom are the various colors available from this collection. If you click on a different color you’d like to see, it will take you to the frame detail page of that frame.


additional colors

Once you’ve explored all the options, choose “buy this frame” to be taken straight into the framing engine, where you can precisely custom size the frame, purchase mat board, acrylic, mounting board and accessories. Upload a jpeg of the piece you’re framing and enjoy a virtual view as it will look using different material options.  The possibilities are endless.

So check it out and let us know what you think. Is this a helpful feature?

AubreyK | 1/10/2014 8:14:12 AM | 2 comments
American Frame
Hi Penny,

It's great that you finally found our blog! If you ever need any help ordering online, please let us know! With the launch of the new website, we tried to make the process much easier.
1/30/2014 7:54:55 AM

Penny Duncklee
Excellent explanation. I still have to get used to ordering on line. I have been getting your frames for years. Good people, great service. This the first time I have opened you blog. I am glad I did. It helps me a lot. Thank you very much. Penny
1/20/2014 6:42:33 PM