Picture Framing Accessories

Worried about breaking the glass while assembling your wood or metal picture frame kits? Then you’ll be glad to know that we offer a glass alternative: acrylic. It’s strong but lightweight with an impact resistance that makes it all but shatter-proof. And acrylic won’t distort the images in your frames. (By the way, acrylic may have been around longer than you think. It was developed in 1928, and first sold under the Plexiglas® name in 1933.)

Will you be hanging your metal or wooden picture frames? If so, don’t forget to add wire to your order. You can do that with just a few clicks during the checkout process. 

If you use our metal frame kits, custom poster frames or wooden photograph frames often, you may also want to stock up on framing accessories, such as mat and mounting board, artwork spacers, linen liners, acrylic sheets and framing tools. All our accessories are available on their own or as part of your frame package. By ordering larger quantities at once, you’ll have the framing accessories you need when you need them, and you’ll save on shipping costs.