Choose the acrylic picture frame that’s right for you based on your unique needs.

Standard Acrylic

Acid-free and shatterproof with slight UV resistance. Great for general use.

Non-Glare Acrylic

Acid-free and shatterproof with slight UV resistance. Choose this when you want viewers to see your art, not the glare.

UV Acrylic

Acid-free and shatterproof with maximum UV resistance for conservation projects, such as antique photographs, old newspapers, and art you want to protect for years.

UV/Non-Glare Acrylic

This product ticks all the boxes. The ultimate in protection for your finest artwork and cherished mementos. Acid-free, conservation quality, and shatterproof plexiglass frames with maximum UV resistance and no glare in sight.

Protecting Your Plexiglass

Hands off that glass cleaner. Acrylic is plastic, and the ammonia in most cleaners can create a haze on it, obscuring your art. Instead, use a soft cloth and our acrylic cleaner or just plain water.

A Handy Tip

Want to minimize the chance for scratches and dust on your acrylic? Don’t peel the entire protective liner off it at once. Instead, peel one side at a time. Place the first peeled side face down onto the art assembly. Peel the second side just before placing the art into the frame. Already have scratches? Our acrylic scratch remover will make them disappear. Have more acrylic questions? Contact us.