Conservation Mat Board

Pollutants are a fact of life in the art world. Keeping them at bay is possible, but it doesn’t happen without effort. Artcare mat boards make that effort from inside the art frame. These products use the combined technological advances of zeolites and buffers to trap and neutralize acid and gases. Molecular traps – hundreds of thousands of them in every Artcare product – are specifically engineered to contain polluting gases, all of which can cause artwork to deteriorate over time. Artcare mat boards are the only picture framing materials to contain these traps.

This form of art and photography preservation is separate from UV glazing technology found in select acrylic plexi-glass products, which protect against light-induced damage. Artcare products protect against chemical damage that occurs even in the absence of light exposure. The most comprehensive image protection in a custom frame treatment is offered by pairing Artcare mat boards with UV glazing technology.

Available in dozens of colors both neutral and vivid, these Alphamat Artcare mat boards complement a wide variety of artwork and picture frames. Most of the mat boards feature a pure white core, while there are also options with black and grey cores. Please note: The core – located on the inside of the mat – is visible with a bevel cut. Those wishing to hide the core may order a reverse bevel cut.

As part of a custom frame treatment, American Frame can cut the mat boards to the nearest 1/16th of an inch with a maximum outside dimension of 32x40.” Oversize mat boards are also available for larger-sized works and can be cut to a maximum size of 38x58.”