Displaying Your Artwork

Your display options for wood or metal frames are as limitless as your imagination. You might consider a gallery wall display - a style that can be customized to fit any room. This approach tends to fall into two categories: the modern layout relies on a linear, more uniform appearance, while the eclectic layout mixes shapes, mediums, colors, and depths.

We can provide all the hardware you’ll need to prepare your artwork for hanging: wire,  the Hangman Wood Frame Hanging System, and the Hangman Metal Frame Hanging System, as well as several styles of picture frame hardware kits for metal and wood frames.

For tabletop displays, create a statement with a single framed piece of art or group several pictures together. You might even mix metal frames with wood frames for a more daring look. Our EaselMate accessory is suitable for metal or wood frames and is a smart solution for custom frames. (Watch our how-to video for instructions.)

Another option is to use a frame connector to join two or more metal or wood frames. Once the frame connector is attached, the artwork grouping can be displayed on the wall, a shelf or a table. (This how-to video provides tips on installation.)