Traditional Wood Frames

H: 1 1/4"     W: 1 3/8"     R: 5/8"
H: 7/8"     W: 1 1/2"     R: 5/8"
H: 1 "     W: 3/4"     R: 11/16"
H: 1 "     W: 1 3/8"     R: 7/16"
H: 1 "     W: 3/4"     R: 11/16"
H: 1 "     W: 1 1/2"     R: 1/2"
H: 1 3/8" W: 2 " R: 5/8"
H: 1 1/8" W: 2 3/4" R: 3/4"
H: 1 1/2" W: 2 1/2" R: 3/4"

At American Frame, we offer the perfect accompaniments for whatever you’re framing. Are you hanging a painting? Opt for a linen liner over a custom mat board. It’s a clever decorative accent, creating the illusion of a frame within the frame, and it will put space between the acrylic and artwork for extra protection. If you order your liner with your custom-sized frame, we can attach it for you, saving you the step. Buying your liner separately? Read this blog post for tips on how to order and use linen liners. For other projects, a frame mat may be the ideal complement. Choose from a rainbow of hues to create the look you have in mind. Stick with neutral tones for a classic counterpart to your traditional picture frame or balance it with more daring hues, such as Maize, Fiery Red and Imperial Plum. They’re available for general purpose, acid free, and conservation framing applications, so you’ll get the performance you depend on and style you’ll love. Need some advice choosing the right mat board? This blog post will help.