Giclee Printing


Giclee Printing Online Delivers High quality & Flexibility for Digital Art and Photography

Giclee (pronounced “gee-clay”) is a sophisticated digital inkjet printing process that provides artists with the flexibility to accurately reproduce works one piece at a time.
The giclee printing process dates back to the late 1980s, referring to prints produced on an Iris printer. When the term “giclee”  was coined by Jack Duganne – a printmaker at singer Graham Nash’s business, Nash Editions – it soon revolutionized the fine art publishing industry. Artists could reproduce their original works in small runs, limiting their expenses. Often referred to as “print on demand,” art could now be printed as it was sold – resulting in an explosion in the quantity and variety of fine art images bought and sold worldwide, especially online. Giclee printing services have made American® Frame’s free online art gallery possible. The right color management and proper paper selection gives artists reproductions that closely mimic the original works.

At American Frame, we take pride in our giclee printing capabilities that enable artists to reproduce their original works. Since 2003, our trusted expert team has racked up five-star reviews by providing an economical, built-in process for proofing in our online ordering system – a procedure easy enough for the amateur, but with exacting standards and quality expected by the most discerning professionals. Artists can privately store images for free in our gallery for ordering and reordering, while having access to a completely calibrated system and the ability to print professionally on a curated range of substrates.

Epson giclee printers pair the Epson Ultra-chrome arhival inks with premium fine art papers, with options including photo matte, glossy, cotton rag and canvas. Depending on the paper used, we can print anything from 5” x 5” to 40” x 60” or larger.

Never utilized giclee printing with American Frame before? Now is the perfect time. Mention this article in the comments section at checkout for an additional 10% off your first print order. We accept JPEG or TIFF files up to 500 MB on our website and even larger via FTP. We can walk you through the process, helping prepare digital files for printing.



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