Giclee Printing


Giclee Printing Online Delivers High quality & Flexibility for Digital Art and Photography

Think of giclee (pronounced “gee-clay”) as a highly sophisticated digital inkjet printing process that offers you, the artist, the ultimate flexibility in printing. With giclee, virtually any piece of digitized art or photography can be reproduced one piece at a time, on a variety of substrates, and at affordable prices off a single printer. 

Giclee printing dates back to the late 80’s with ‘Iris’ printing technology, originally designed for pre-press proofing. In the late 90’s Epson created the first art quality giclee printer and within only a few short years, the technology completely revolutionized the fine art publishing industry. No longer did an artist or publisher need to commit to large runs of a single work or image, a risky proposition given the expense. Often referred to as “print on demand”, art could now be printed as it was sold. This resulted in an explosion in the quantity and variety of fine art images bought and sold worldwide, especially online. It has made our free on-line gallery possible. 

Like traditional printing, giclee prints can be managed as open or limited editions. With the right color management and proper paper selection, reproductions closely mimic the original works of art from which they were created.

Here at American Frame, we’ve been helping artists of all types print their reproductions and digital photography since 2003.  We use Epson giclee printers, pairing the Epson Ultra-chrome archival inks with high quality fine art papers, ranging from photo matte, to glossy, cotton rag and canvas. We can print as small as 5” x 5” and up to 40” x 60” or larger, depending on the paper being used. It’s an exciting, most versatile way to print.

If you’ve never printed with us before please give us a try. We accept files up to 50MB via our website and even larger via FTP. If you need help with properly preparing your files for printing, we can help with that too.  Now matter what your experience or level of expertise, we welcome you. Our educated, professional staff is dedicated to helping you achieve the only the finest results.



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