Fine art printing services

We can photograph your works.

At American®Frame, generating clear, vivid photographic reproductions of artwork – watercolors, acrylics, oils, charcoal, pastels, mixed media – is one of our specialties. Our highly skilled, experienced photographers are trained in the techniques of giclee art reproduction, and use industry-standard equipment for museum-quality results:

Camera: Canon 5DSR with 50.6 megapixel sensor

Maximum resolution: 8688 x 5792 pixels

Maximum reproduction size:  4 feet x 5 feet

Staff accurately match the colors and details of the original work, and consult with you about paper choices, making sure the proper weight, color, and texture is achieved. High-quality Epson fine art printers produce true giclee reproductions of paintings or drawings on different papers and canvas. 



Digitization and basic color matching, with proof printed on a substrate chosen by the artist: $100 for the first piece of artwork; $50 for additional pieces


Additional color matching: $75 per hour


A cost estimate will be provided when your artwork is delivered.


(Of course, in addition to professional photo printing, we can provide custom photo frames, custom poster frames, and print and frame photos.)


Thank you for trusting us with your artwork. We know how valuable it is to you. Protecting and preserving it is our top priority.