Linen mat boards: More than just good-looking.


They help preserve and protect artwork.

Certainly, custom picture mats look great. They flatter and complement artwork, change the scale of a piece for the better, and, when more than one mat board is used, add visual depth.
At American Frame, we also firmly believe in the practical value of mat boards. They allow air to circulate within the frame treatment – which slows down the buildup of acid that can damage artwork over time – and help prevent the art from sticking to the acrylic.
We proudly offer linen mats from Bainbridge and Crescent, the world’s finest sources for framing materials. Their mats are strong, durable, and beautiful. They’re 4-ply, have a white core, and feature a linen surface that’s both fade- and bleed-resistant. The core and backing of these mats are conservation quality, and protect art from harmful gasses.
We offer linen mats in these five shades:
Warm White (CS5632): bright color; highly textured
Seurat Sand (4022): cream color; highly textured
Camel (4097): tan color; tighter, subtle texture
Chino (4427): tan with light grey fibers; a highly tailored look
Heather Grey (4428): grey with cream-colored fibers; a highly tailored look
Black Shadow (CS5560): dark and rich color; highly textured
See before you buy. We can send free samples of all of our mats, so before you buy frames online from American Frame, you can make sure you’ve decided on the perfect mat/frame combination.